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Height adjustable products for furniture, kitchens and laboratories


Eigo makes furniture adaptive. Height adjustable and movable lower cabinet create multifunctionality.

easy fitting

All necessary components are included and operational to ensure an easy fitting within 1 hour. No special knowledge necessary.


Eigo products provide a solid payload up to 1000kg. That opens up extensive possibilities for applications and design.


Eigo is compatible with all kinds of appliances, water and power connections.

for all brands

Optimized form, features and furniture mounting points enables Eigo to be compatible to any kind and brand of furniture.


Eigo is built with a very high standard of quality to ensure durability and a long lifetime.

Eigo Bridge

eigo basic für das bisschen etwas in Möbel und Design


The Eigo Bridge is a very compact form and has a payload of 180kg.


The height adjustability of 15.7 inches (40cm) enable new ways what functions furnitures provide.


It’s size of 7 x 2.7 x 30 inches (18 x 7 x 76cm) makes Eigo Bridge fitting any place.

What is Eigo Bridge?

Eigo Bridge has been developed specifically to fit tight spaces and niches. The ease how Eigo Bridge can be installed without special knowledge makes it the ideal furniture fitting for height adjustability. Eigo Bridge contains to slim modules standing on the floor. They are screwed to the adjoining furniture parts. The worktop including appliances etc. is mounted on the modules. There is no wall mounting necessary. Following the characteristics of Eigo products, Eigo Bridge is being shipped operational. Just mount it to your furniture and plug it in to an power outlet.

And by the push of a button your worktop can be moved up or down.
Eigo Bridge enables at low costs and with ease to add functionality and ergonomics to new and refurbished furniture.


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Eigo Basic

eigo basic für das bisschen etwas in Möbel und Design


The Eigo Basic is a very compact form and has a payload of 300kg.

height adjustability

The height adjustability of 7 inches (18cm) provides ergonomics for approximately 90% of people.


It’s size of 4.7 x 4.7 x 21.25 inches (12 x 12 x 12cm) makes eigo basic fitting any place.

What is eigo basic?

As the name implies, Eigo Basic is the easiest and most affordable way to get furniture moving. Two blocks of the size 4.7 x 4.7 x 21,25 Inches (12 x 12 x 54cm) are screwed between the furniture part which is to be moved and the one that stands still (e.g. between furniture and adjustable desktop).

And you can already lift and lower your furniture by the push of button.
Only imagination limits the possibilities how and where eigo basic can be implemented.


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Eigo Expert

eigo expert für Möbel


Height adjustable: 40cm
Lower cabinets adjustable: 40cm
kitchen island, table and bar


Always operational. No installation necessary. Maintenance-free. Intelligently feels obstacles and stops movement.


A payload of 2204 pounds (1000kg) makes Eigo Expert ideal for heavy kitchen design furnitures, appliances or even hazardous material workplaces

eigo expert für Möbel

Eigo in action

All dimensions

Eigo Expert is the solution to maximise the use of islands, work tables and wall furnitures such as kitchens and kitchenettes. The height and depth can be adjusted at the push of a button to meet your requirements. The whole furniture can be moved up and down and lower cabinets can be adjusted back and forth. This allows you to use a kitchen island as a dining table, table, bar or as a children’s table. This multi-functionality saves a lot of space, work gets more comfortable and it even can have an exclusive design. It goes without saying that eigo expert can be used in a variety of other applications: specialised workbenches, laboratory equipment or as workplaces in the gastronomy sector.

Planning guide

Our planning guide serves as a basis for furniture design and construction. Of course adaptations and changes are possible. Read more in the FAQ or kontaktieren.

küchenplanung mit eigo
PDF drawing download


Questions, ideas and suggestions? We are happy to listen and advise you about your plans.

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Eigo Sense

eigo expert für Möbel
  • “feels” obstacle through furniture of any kind and material.

  • permanent feature of eigo expert

  • no fitting of sensors and cables

  • optionally available for all eigo (coming soon)

  • maintenance-free

  • worldwide unique

Eigo Sense is an integrated component of Eigo Expert. eigo Expert lifts and lowers a payload up to a ton. Appropriate precautions must protect the user and objects. Eigo Sense is active from the first switching on of Eigo Expert and therefore even protects the kitchen builder during assembly. After the installation of furniture and appliances, the protection remains active and prevents human, animal or objects from being harmed or damaged. Eigo Sense stops immediately after it touches an obstacle. Eigo Sense then moves the kitchen a short distance in the opposite direction to facilitate the removal of the obstacle.

The kitchen builder must do nothing about it and have no special knowledge whatsoever in order to put Eigo Sense into service. Eigo Sense is out-of-the-box operational. It does not matter which type or materials are chosen for the furniture assembled with Eigo Expert.


Heer Systeme AG is originator, developer and producer of Eigo products. These products combine various competencies. Competencies we also provide to our clients as a service like concept work, planning and consulting.

Please feel free to contact us if we can support you with your project or the integration of eigo into your line of products.

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Our competencies among others:

  • Concept precisely fitting solutions

  • Machine engineering and lifting systems

  • Controls and electronics

  • Furniture planning


For all those who want to create more space.
For all those who want  to increase functionality.
For all the tall and small people who live together.
For everyone with the need for more ergonomics.
And, of course, for people with physical limitations and seniors, who want to live comfortably live and independently.


A push of a button and eigo moves the furniture up and down by up to 40cm. eigo basic is particularly suitable when “only” vertical movement is desired. Eigo Expert also moves lower cabinets back and forth. These furniture can be used as working or dining tables or even a bar. Eigo Sense is the eigo sensor-system and an integral part of Eigo Expert.

Space Miracle

Eigo’s agility brings multifunctionality in design and furniture. For example, a kitchen can be transformed into a dining table, a bar table or a work area for children. So you gain a lot of space because you can cover a variety of totally different applications with only one furniture. Saved space saves money. Multifunctional rooms thus receive more value, use and attractiveness. We are convinced that barrier-free is self-evident, but it must also be invisible and beautiful.

Frequently asked Questions

What appliance is compatible with eigo? 2017-02-22T16:44:54+00:00

eigo expert and basic are designed so that you can use all kinds of devices and appliances. In the kitchen area, you can even install a cooker with a special height (for example BORA Classic with integrated extractor). All devices with a lower overall height are of course also suitable, e.g. a 20cm deep sink. eigo has its own cable ducts, which can be used to connect all power cables to the feet to connect them to the power distribution. That way the cable of any electric appliances can be installed properly.

The only limitation is the height of the appliances installed on the worktop e.g. a sink or a cooktop. So e.g. the sink can have a maximum height of 19cm. If you use deeper installations, you must make appropriate adjustments and cutouts in the moving substructures/lower cabinets.

Of course, eigo can also be used in laboratories, workplaces for precision mechanics an in other applications. Depending on the application area, additional requirements such as for rooms with special clieanliness regulations or in rooms with high dust or moisture. We are happy to advise you.

Can the movement of the lower cabinets in eigo expert be restricted? 2017-02-22T00:39:40+00:00

Movement restriction

Yes. A limitation of the movement of the lower cabinets does not affect the quality of eigo expert. The movement of the lower substructures of eigo expert can be limited. The substructures hang on rails. The movement length of the rails can be restricted by means of stoppers. Please note that a movement restriction of the substructures is not described in our planning aids and we do not supply corresponding stoppers. Therefore, we can not guarantee that your furniture design will work properly. This is not to say, however, that other furniture constructions can not be successfully implemented. Corresponding furniture design implementations have already been successfully made by our customers and are appreciated by their happy customers. Please contact us for any questions about this topic via e-mail.

Water connection – how do the sanitary installations work? 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

Sanitary installation

At each end of eigo expert’s feet fresh and dirty water pipes can be installed. There is ample space to install the sewage siphon within the feet. Our planning aids give precise recommendations.

Waste water

The siphon is installed on the bottom of the pipe and is then well protected and easily accessible behind the eigo expert foot covers. On the siphon a plumbing tube is fixed , which is fastened U-shaped at the top of the foot. From there, the plumbing installer can connect the installation to either a rigid pipes or a flexible pipe up to the sink. It is important to note that when adjusting the height of eigo expert, the tube movement only takes place in the eigo foot area. The U-shaped flex tube is only moved in the vertical direction. This ensures that the wastewater management system can be installed professionally and, if necessary, can be maintained comfortably. For eigo basic there are two ways to design wastewater pipes. The above described solution with a professional flexible tube is a good way. However, a solution with a telescope, where the smaller wastewater pipe leads from above into a pipe with a slightly larger diameter, might more space-saving.

Fresh water

The hot and cold water supply pipes enter the furniture in one of the spots described above. We recommend to use the opposite side of the eigo leg where the waste water pipe is installed. That way all water things are on one side of the kitchen. Electrical cables are then installed via the other eigo leg


Please note that all eigo products are designed for optimum maintenance and ventilation during operation. This also applies to the devices and appliances installed in the eigo-mounted furniture. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Customization – are adjustments allowed on eigo products? 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

Customization – are adjustments allowed on eigo products?

Adjustments to eigo

eigo products are specifically designed to be easily and efficiently mounted with furniture. It is also very easy to implement your own design ideas and furniture constructions, power and water installations with eigo products. Adjustments or modifications to eigo are not necessary in most cases. eigo is equipped with many mounting possibilities. The warranty of eigo products will be forfeited if modified (additional holes, cuts and other adjustments). We do not recommend any holes, holes or other modifications to eigo products without a valid reason and without consultation with us. eigo products are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can lift and move large loads. If their integrity is changed e.g. with additional holes, we can not guarantee as a manufacturer for a perfect and safe operation. We listen very carefully when our customers express their wishes, what eigo products have to do, or how to make them even better for furniture design, planning and mounting.

Customized products

If you would like to review your projects critically or even require a special made eigo product, we are at your disposal to discuss such a procedure. We are looking forward to your project inquiry.

What makes eigo special for the interior? 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

Human scale

We put human physical needs in the foreground when we develop products. This starts at the beginning when the designer is planning a new interior design. The simplicity of integration into virtually every interior design style must be guaranteed.

In the design planning for furniture production, this simple self-evident has to be continued. eigo does not require any special production steps that would deviate from the standard.

Installed with furniture, our products should continue to maintain this simplicity. High payloads, solid design, easy maintainability, reusability, relocation possiblities, and many other attributes create a great user experience and the security of a sustainable investment.

Furniture that can adapt to the masses and needs of its users, but without falling out of the norm, produce more benefits, joy and comfort. Ergonomic design that pleases and provides multiple functions and applications, increases the efficiency of the room and saves money – whether it is for rent that is less costly due to its space saving nature or by not needing to buy additional furniture to fullfill extra functions.

What the rest of the market has to offer

We look very closely at what is already available on the market. Because it is not worth developing a product if an equally good or even better is available. What strikes us in the market of available lift systems is that there are no products that have the simplicity and qualities of eigo. Most lifting systems are sold for office tables or for handicap households. Although lifting systems for office desks are simply mounted on a table top, they can only have a very limited lifting force (payload).

Lifting systems for kitchens and similar furniture are available from various brands such as Ropox, Granberg or LINAK. What all these suppliers have in common is that their products can only be planned and installed with increased effort, know-how and create a handicapped look. You need a lot of expertise and advice to buy all the necessary components and put them together later. Another criterion which is very important from our point of view is the lifting force and the associated stability. A lifting force of 150kg may look like a lot on the paper. In reality, severe constraints must be made on the furniture design, materialization and size of the furniture in order not to exceed the maximum lifting force. The resultant design quickly creates an impression of barrier-free furniture for disabled persons and, in some cases, even for hospitals.

We insist on good design

We do not want to impose an superficial impression of obstacle-freeness and accessibility to our customers. Everyone should be free to have the design, which pleases. Regardless of whether you are big, small, young or older, physically healthy or restricted. All have the right to good design. And we want that all have the opportunity to have accessible furniture. Furniture that can be used wether you are young, a senior, small or tall or even handicapped.

We are pleased to note that an increasing number of furniture designers and furniture manufacturers are seeing the advantages and the idea of multifunctional, mobile interior fittings. We would like to assist furniture manufacturers and interior designers with the integration of eigo into their product range.

Dream house? New build Conversion Move 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

New Build

The measurements of eigo products are based on European furniture standards. eigo expert and eigo basic can be easily integrated into the planning by the architect. All eigo products stand on the floor and do not have to be mounted on the wall. Thus, no consideration must be given to kitchen back walls and their static stability. Depending on the eigo model, house connections such as water and electricity are to be conducted via floor or wall. Appropriate planning aids are provided with each eigo delivery. So there is nothing in the way to realise the dream house or the dream apartment.

Of course we can also produce eigo products that fit standards like the US furniture standards.


eigo products can be easily used in conversion projects. The combination with existing and new furniture is simply and very clearly done. Depending on the accessibility, the furniture builder can assemble eigo with furniture and ready within one and two hours.


If an eigo product is already installed and a relocation is planned, eigo, including its furniture, can be moved without any losses. Of course all furniture can be completely replaced. A tip for this: check if the movable substructure corpuses are worth keeping. If yes, simply replace the panels according to the new kitchen sign.

Kitchens with eigo – Luxury or Mainstream? 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

Movable, height-adjustable kitchens are no longer expensive. You can plan and create your kitchen with the kitchen builder of your trust and include eigo products with ease. This opens new possibilities for interior and kitchen design.

eigo is the ideal supplement for the following areas:

  • Small kitchen
  • French kitchens design
  • Italian kitchen design
  • Country kitchen style
  • Luxury kitchen design
  • Exclusive kitchen
  • Smart kitchen or intelligent kitchen
  • Assisted kitchen, AAL Kitchen, Ambient assisted Living
  • Networked kitchen integrated in a home automation or Smart Home
  • Height adjustable kitchen
  • Height-adjustable worktop
  • Height adjustable cooker
  • Height adjustable sink

eigo can be used anywhere in kitchens and households. eigo products do not have to be purchased by a particular kitchen manufacturer. Your kitchen builder of your trust plans and produces a kitchen for you. We gladly provide support for your project.

AAL and Accessibility? 2017-02-22T00:39:41+00:00

It goes without saying that eigo products are ideally suited to build barrier-free interior design and meet the requirements of AAL (ambient / assisted living). Depending on the requirements, it is sufficient to equip the sink and the stove with a height-adjustable worktop. Eigo basic is very suitable for these purposes. For higher payload requirements, eigo expert can be used with up to one ton of lifting force. eigo products do NOT require wall mounting.

Please consider the following points when planning your intelligent, barrier-free kitchen:

  • AAL and accessibility really can be beautiful and at the same time useful. The look of handicapped and wheelchair accessible belongs to the past.
  • 15-18cm Height adjustability with a start height of 75cm cover approx. 90% of the ergonomic needs.
  • Adjustable substructures allow under-rideability and beautiful design.
  • Wall mounting is in most cases unsuitable, as the back wall is usually not robust enough.
  • Cooking fields must be mounted stably and horizontally and must remain so for a long time. Otherwise, there is a danger that the cooking pot will slide from the stove.
  • Superstructures are useful. But how urgently do you need them? Moving superstructures are expensive and complicated to build. So it is important to review if the effort and the investment arr worthwhile. Keep in mind that in a 1 meter wide superstructure you can easily put 50kg of dishes. The adjusting mechanism and the wall must be designed accordingly in order to withstand the lever forces.
  • Regardless of whether you are planning a luxury kitchen or a cheap kitchen – with eigo you will reach your goals!
  • eigo products are not bound to a specific manufacturer such as Tielsa or a specialized kitchen builder. eigo products are extremely easy to use and to implement.

We will be pleased to answer your specific questions. Contact us without obligation via mail.

eigo für Technologie in Möbel Design
eigo Technologie für Möbel Design
Möbel Design mit eigo

Furniture Design

Eigo makes it possible to go uniquely new ways in furniture design. Height and depth adjustability opens up new possibilities and opportunities for how furniture is designed, planned and produced. The high lifting payload of up to 1000 kg leaves hardly any wishes open regarding the choice of furniture materials. eigo moves furniture into the 4th dimension! It has never been easier to combine design with functionality and technology.

Furniture Planning

Eigo is delivered with 3D DWG planning guides for furniture planners and furniture designers. HEER is pleased to offer support for the integration of eigo into the product range, the production and sales processes of its customers. Electrical and sanitary installations are described in the eigo planning and execution specifications clear and easy to implement.


Eigo can be installed and put into operation by a person in a few steps. Since eigo takes over the static function, the fitting of the furniture or appliances is very simple. Further, eigo offers numerous mounting options for all furniture parts. The kitchen builder does not need any special expert knowledge to install eigo or fit furniture to it. Compared to a conventional lifting systems, eigo offers simplicity from start to end.


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